We welcome volunteers who are committed to helping Evans students be the best they can be. Volunteer opportunities include serving as mentors, tutors and chaperones.

Note: Orange County Public Schools is required to conduct criminal history background checks on those wishing to volunteer.*

To be a volunteer, please follow the instructions below. This process is FREE for volunteers.

First-time OCPS volunteers:

  1. Visit http://volunteer.ocps.net and complete an ADDitions application. Check this website for the status of your application as well.
  2. Contact Ms. Amy Ellis at amy.ellis@ocps.net to notify her that you’ve completed an ADDitions application. Also indicate your proposed start date if you have one. Ms. Ellis will monitor your clearance status. Please allow one to four weeks for proper clearance.

Previous or current OCPS volunteers:

  • If you’ve volunteered for OCPS before, you must renew your ADDitions application annually.
  • If your ADDitions application is current but you’ve volunteered at another OCPS school, contact Amy Ellis so she can change your application to reflect your desire to volunteer at Evans Community School.

OCPS employees:

  • If you are an OCPS employee, you must complete an ADDitions volunteer application and renew it annually as well.


*A list of criminal offenses that may disqualify an individual from serving as an OCPS volunteer is provided on the volunteer website.

All individuals who are tutoring as a part of a field-experience course requirement must adhere to “intern” guidelines.