Student Spotlight: 3rd Quarter 2012

Spotlight on Monty Alcindor, Chair, Student Leadership Council, graduating senior Monty

A natural leader, Monty looks forward to his next journey: college, where he plans to earn a degree in mathematics before joining the military as an officer to serve his country. But that’s not all – with his heart focused on Evans, he aspires to one day return to the very campus he’ll say goodbye to in just a few weeks.

Decades from now, Monty hopes to teach Evans’ future students, to instill in them the Trojan pride he carries, to instill in them the confidence he’s found, to instill in them the passion to succeed, to lead.

“I believe a leader should look for change – leadership is about doing things and getting results,” Monty says. “I believe in every student at Evans, just as I believe in myself.”

Congratulations, Monty, on four terrific Trojan years!